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Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival is one of the most important and long-lived musical institutions in Athens that attracts more than 6,000 visitors per day. It is organized by Technopolis City of Athens to host various jazz trends brought on stage by the most representative bands from all over the world, with an international career and recognition, while admission to the public is always free.

Its story began back in 2001 when Technopolis City of Athens presented the first European Jazz Festival in Athens, in collaboration with the embassies and cultural institutions of the members-states of the EU based in Greece.

In 2011, the festival opened its doors to the remaining countries in Europe and, in 2013, became international while being renamed to “Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival”.

In 2015, Technopolis organized the 15th celebratory edition of the festival which was accompanied -for the first time- by a series of parallel events: photo exhibitions, educational programs, flea market.

2020 was the only year that the festival did not take place. However, it returns in 2021 with a very special 3-day hybrid version!

Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival has become a pole of attraction for music lovers attracting more than 6,000 visitors per day.

Every year, it changes, evolves, researches and presents to the Greek public the global jazz music trends, from classic jazz and funk, to jazz with lyrics and vocals and afro pop, in collaboration with embassies and cultural institutions. The Greek participations are selected by a three-member artistic committee, composed this year of Leonidas Antonopoulos, Giorgos Mouchartides and Giorgos Charonitis.

Since 2001, more than 250 international and Greek bands, more than 2,550 musicians from 28 countries (Hungary, Israel, Holland, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Turkey etc.) have presented their music.