Technopolis completes 20 years of operation and celebrates with a rich anniversary program full of events for all.

A new era begins for Technopolis and Athens. The 2 historic gasholders of the old plant are lit and a Watchtower is established in the New Watergas building. Athens Bikes, the first bicycle rental station of the city, and Skywalk, a state-of-the-art area of interactive playing for the whole family, begin their operation.

INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung is established. Gasholder 2 of the old plant is transformed into a modern cooperative space, an integrated hub of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Athens.

The Industrial Gas Museum is established, aiming at promoting the historical, social, architectural and technological value of the factory.

The first cultural and artistic events take place at the old gasworks plant. Technopolis City of Athens is established as one of the most renowned cultural hubs in the city.

The gasworks plant ceases its operations.

The Athens Municipal Gasworks Company (DEFA) is established.
Μετά το 1945

The use of gas loses ground steadily.

Gazi becomes a municipal entrerprise.

A period of growth begins for the small gasworks plant of Athens, associated with the wide-spread use of gas as a form of energy for households and factories

The gasworks plant of Athens is established and the capital lights up.