Date of Event

Sunday, 20 September 2020 21:00

Αίθουσες Εκδήλωσης

Technopolis City of Athens

Sunday 20.09 | Eleonora Zouganeli – Na’maste


So here we are. To bow to the songs that we would like to sing together. To bow to the Greek summer that always brings us together. To send you all our energy from stage and receive yours.

Songs that belong to me and other songs that are as if they belong to me. They all contain what I would like to tell you this year. This summer let’s all unite through our energy and sing!

Life insists; let joy be its companion!


Starts: 20:30

Doors: 19.00


Tier Α: 18 €, Tier Β, Γ1, Γ2, Δ & table seats: 15€

Table seats: 12€

Presale: Viva network


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